London Credico office The Win Agency rebrands as Koneckt, Still operating in Angel Business Suite

London Credico office ‘The Win Agency’ is currently undergoing its rebrand into ‘Koneckt’. Koneckt has replaced The Win Agency on LinkedIn, and currently has 7 job postings open to applications.

Field Report – Isabelle, Former Credico AT&T & DirecTV Leader

CW / TW: Recount of Sexual Assault, Recount of finding a dead body. Isabelle is a former Credico Team Leader from Florida, who was removed from her position after questioning how her owner was managing official payroll documents. 

Field Report – David, Former Cydcor Star Energy Leader

David is a former Cydcor Sales-Rep and Leader from New Jersey. The subsidiary he worked with focused on switching local residents over to Star Energy, under the false pretence of it being a cheaper alternative.