Devilcorp Review is an investigative journalism website aiming to raise public awareness of the world’s biggest job scam; an insidious sales cult most commonly referred to as ‘Devilcorp’.

A marketing firm’s online presence is vital to its continued success, so it’s no wonder why they try so hard to control it. Their websites are full of jargon and share little to no insight into the services they provide or their actual functions as businesses. Their Indeed, Glassdoor and Google Locations pages are full of 5-star reviews that share no substantial information about the business or the employee’s role within it. Genuine negative experiences shared online by disgruntled employees are taken down at the behest of their former employers, because of their use of language like ‘Pyramid Scheme’, ‘Multi-Level-Marketing’ or ‘Scam’.

But why? Why is every potential source of information on the operations of these companies full of nothing but hot air?

Because the only people looking any of this up are their applicants, who MUST be kept in the dark about what they’ve applied for at all costs until it’s too late.

A Devilcorp office’s website, job postings, and Glassdoor page, which has been pumped full of fake 5-star reviews, all bear no mention of street selling. Sales and Marketing are loosely mentioned here and there, which the applicant uses to create a vague summation of the role they’ve applied for, but it’s not until the second day of the application process; the Shadowing day or ‘O’ day, that the reality of the job is made clear.

Here at Devilcorp Review we give it to you straight. We tell you everything these companies are hiding, plus how and why they’re hiding it. By interviewing former sales reps, leaders, managers, and owners, we have become one of the internet’s only sources for 100% insider-interference-free experiences from those who have worked within the Direct Marketing Industry.


‘Devilcorp’ is a term used to refer to sales/marketing firms under the corporate umbrella of Direct Selling corporations, such as DS-MAX, Smart Circle, Cydcor, or Credico.

Sales people with these firms are recruited on self employment contracts, most often entirely commission based without a base pay. As a result, they can expect to work over 10 hours a day for 6 days a week, without any of the benefits of a full time employee, including a minimum wage. Depending on how many sales they are able to secure, and how many of these sales are later cancelled, salespeople can be at a deficit for over 60 hours of work.

Although firms will respond to complaints of being intentionally unclear or deceptive about the true nature of their roles with assurance that everything is explained over several interviews, every part of the recruitment process is designed to hide the street selling reality of the role for as long as possible. The job description and the company’s website minimise any mention of sales, and does no further to explain what ‘sales’ involves. Serious questions at the first interview are ignored, or met with jargon and language designed to confuse applicants. Some companies will also attempt to manipulate their online image by having complaints and negative experiences removed from search engines results, or by faking online reviews.

Consequently, applicants aren’t sure what they’ve actually applied for until the shadowing day, when they’ll travel a large distance with a Team Leader to a sales campaign. It’s on this shadowing day that the business is first pitched to the applicant. Make enough sales and they’ll rise through the ranks of the business until they become a team leader, and then in time open their own marketing firm. This is how the business model, in theory, spreads almost infinitely, limited only by the over-saturation of its own markets. Only a minute percentage of employees ever actually achieve this however, and even then the ‘owner’ is still at the behest of their parent company.

The Devil Corp’, a WordPress blog that explains all of their deceptive practices in great detail, and that I would absolutely recommend you read, defines it as;



Our ultimate goal is to make ‘Devilcorp’ as well known a term as ‘Pyramid Scheme’. For, if these businesses continue to deny being pyramid schemes (as if that was ever a self-assigned term) then a different, more specific term must be used that they are unable to deny.

Raise Public Awareness

Devilcorp are able to grow by exploiting the ignorant and the desperate. As public awareness of Devilcorp increases, more job seekers will be able to identify the tell-tale signs of these businesses and stay well away. We hope to do this by shedding light on their shady corporate histories and sinister online practices, and then by providing first-hand accounts of their recruitment methods.

Pressure Employment Review Websites

Marketing firms can manipulate their public image by faking reviews on employment review sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Google Locations. Common tactics include; a CEO reviewing their own business, employees being pressured/forced to give their employer a positive review and paying a third party to post waves of positive reviews. All these methods are against Glassdoor and Google guidelines. If Glassdoor and Google were made aware of the extent to which their platforms are being abused and exploited, then they could take the necessary steps to steps to stop it.

Change Employment Laws

Firms under the Devilcorp umbrella rarely pay their salespeople a minimum wage. They can do this because their salespeople are forced to sign self-employment contracts and are not legally considered employees. If legislative changes were made that prevented this abuse of employment law, and their salespeople were made entitled to all the benefits of official employees, then the Devilcorp business model would become considerably less profitable.

How Can You help?

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Write to your local political representative about Devilcorp operating in your area.

Inform as many people as you can! This industry quite literally profits off of ignorance, and every person you inform is money out of their pockets.

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