My Interview Experience with ‘The Win Agency’

Office Name: The Win Agency

(Officially registered with UK government as KPH GLOBAL LIMITED)

City: London

Parent Company: Credico

Office Director: Khushnam Singh Sanghera

Written by Priya Radhakrishnan

I graduated from a top university in the UK in 2020, and I really thought I knew all about MLMs and pyramid schemes. I never thought I would be within 10 miles of one. I was wrong.

Like most of us, I’ve been job hunting for a few months with little success. I’ve done the thousand CV edits, endless cover letter writing, cringey network and painstaking LinkedIn profile curating. I started using LinkedIn’s Easy Apply and that’s how I applied for a “Marketing Assistant” position at The Win Agency. The job description was fairly standard: “Work hard! Get rewards, training opportunities, bla bla bla”. Since it was Easy Apply I just went ahead. In less than 30 minutes, Aqsa Khan messaged me saying I was invited to a screening interview and should keep 15 minutes aside to discuss my CV over Zoom. “Okay, cool!” I thought and excitedly started looking up how to ace a screening interview.

The next morning I logged on to Zoom and saw 15 people in the call. Khush Sanghera said some generic stuff about the position, and that WIN used to run live events and campaigns and now they’ve signed huge clients like British Gas, BP, Talk-Talk and BT. Then we were sent a questionnaire that was ridiculously long and involved usual questions like “What does leadership mean to you?”, “What are your strengths” and “What motivates you”. I got right to work and set my keyboard on fire trying to be as charismatic and results-oriented as possible. I got a call later the same evening inviting me for a second interview. Again, I got to work to research the company, their clients, what they do etc.

This is where things got suspicious. While their website and socials all had cringe-worthy inspirational quotes, there seemed to be nothing about their actual campaigns. Surely, if you sign Disney you would publicly brag about your work and be all over the press? But nothing. WIN wasn’t even registered under that name at their listed address, nor was it on the government national business registry. Moreover, their website had this whole spiel about “Field Marketing” which seemed like the identical twin of direct sales. More digging on LinkedIn and all their ‘senior account managers’ had only been with the company for 2 or 3 weeks. By this point, I decided to not attend the second interview and I was sure it was a scam or a shoddy operation at best filled with lies, deceit and trickery.

This experience, even though it was very tame compared to others, took an emotional toll on me. I felt manipulated, cheated and just stupid. But discovering more information on Reddit, and connecting with others who have been through this made me realise companies like The Win Agency are scummy to the core. They prey on vulnerable people who are desperate for employment, and very cleverly come up with new tactics when their older sales offices go stale. Please be careful. If this happens to you, know that you are worthy, capable, and deserve a million times better than filthy, scummy, disgusting pyramid schemes.

The Win Agency can be found on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Their Twitter has been abandoned however, and it links to their old website which is absolutely FULL of viruses, so give it a miss.

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